Winter Blues: Not Happening!

Most of the country  is well into winter now. It is  snowing, it is raining, it is cold and cloudy, the ground is frozen and the trees are bare. And we are whining and trying to stay cuddled up inside by the fire and dream of warmth, sunny skies, and greenery.

Well, let’s get over the whiney snivels and bundle up and out the door we go!  Winter can be an awesome time of year to head outside for  exercise, new adventures, and refreshing activities.

For those of us who live in the snowy areas, this time of year has many possibilities for getting outside. From downhill skiing,  snowshoeing to backcountry skiing and snow hiking, we are out the door and into the powdery aybiss.  Depending on conditions, staying comfortably warm can be a challenge but easily enough, just keep adding clothes until you resemble the Michlean Man. Once you start moving, some of those layers are coming off and you are working up a sweat. Honestly, we have had several sub zero mornings here in the mountains of Colorado this winter. With basic warm up pants and a shell pant on the bottom and a moisture wicking inner layer along with a basic sweatshirt and a shell jacket on top, I am plenty warm while running. (Add in a stocking cap, headband, neck gaiter, and thick mittens) Yes, t hat is quite a bit of weight in clothes, but it just adds to the workout. And running in the extreme cold burns way more calories than in the warm sunny temps.

If your locale has you enjoying cool (42 degrees),  rainy, gray days (think   Seattle), grab your duck boots, a rain jacket and pants and out you go.  Throw in a slicker hat and some gloves for added protection. It’s all about wearing the right gear and choosing an activity suited for the conditions.

Kids know how to make the most of the rain! Let’s join them and be kids again. 

And there are some folks who live in the southern hemisphere of the US (Miami, Dallas, Phoenix, San Diego). You folks are hollering, “it’s cold!!” as you bundle up and head out into the 65 degrees and sun. There are year round activities at your disposal so there are no excuses not to get out for some exercise.  From mountain and road biking,  walking a round of golf, hiking, and of course, running, walking or crawling there is no shortage of outdoor adventures to get the body moving.

Now, there are limits to what we can do in the great outdoors during these winter months.

Oh What Fun This Is! Maybe NOT. 

Given your basic blizzard, complete with blowing snow, sub zero temps, flying icicles, that may be a good time to hit the local gym and jump on the treadmill, recumbent bike or elliptical.  For those that live near large malls, those are great for walking (just no browsing in the stores until the walk is done). Other forms of indoor exercise include: jumping rope, high knees, jumping jacks: combine these in a series of 20 reps each for 4 sets with a one minute break and you have at least burned a few Christmas calories. Another option is do some research on CrossFit and do one or more of the named workout routines. Here is a link that gives some great plans for that no equipment needed, butt busting CrossFit.

Or maybe it’s even time for that worthy day off?  Rest is as important as exercise.

Whatever form of extreme weather, be smart and exercise inside or adjust the schedule and take the day off.

Until next time: Go Be Fit….regardless of the Wintery Bluesy Weather!

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Winter Outings are awesome!



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After retiring from roller speed skating as a senior in high school, I started running so that the 22 inch thighs didn't take on new dimensions. And over the last almost 30 years, running has been a non stop passion that occupies my everyday. As an airline pilot, running has allowed me to see the world via my feet and I have been lucky enough to have lived in some interesting places, which has also allowed great adventures via my two size 6s. Running races has always been a secondary part the passion; however, the races over the years have included anything from a 5k to a 100k. I have been fortunate enough to win a few age group awards and even won the women's division in a marathon and won the women's division in a 100k. These days, as a masters runner, the running is even more meaningful since it provides an outlet from the everyday pressures of adult life. My body is still capable of handling vast volumes of mileage and my head still wants to get there almost every day.

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