Ways to Exercise: Endless Options

Just what methods of exercise are available?

Well, the list just never ends. Getting our bodies moving is as simple as walking or as complicated as attending an almost daily session with a trainer at the local gym or anything in between.

Keeping it simple, walking is the most basic form of exercise. Put on comfy clothes and shoes and out the door you go. Pick a distance or a time frame and “git ‘er done.” Add in some music or audio book via a portable source, and you are now totally entertained while exercising.

From walking, we can move onto running, trotting, jogging or whatever you want to call it. Just as some speed to the walking and now you are moving a bit faster. Just a word on moving faster than a walk: start slow and keep it short. Going from a comfortable walk to a blazing sprint is probably not the best way to move faster. Your heart rate will escalate rapidly and thus the breathing rate sky rockets. You are left on the side of the trail huffing and puffing and hating this whole exercise thing, especially walking/running. Gently pick up the pace with a slow trot and keep it to a minute or even just 30 seconds at a time. After that first minute or 30 seconds, return to the walk for another few minutes. Then pick it up again. Repeat this process for whatever time you want to spend exercising. The key point is to “get ‘er done” and to enjoy what you are doing so that you will come back the next day and make this a permanent daily routine.

Not into the solo activity of walking/running alone or maybe this form of exercise just isn’t your thing? Join a gym or some other form of exercise group, often located at local gyms or workout specialty locations. The opportunities are endless with women’s groups that focus on strength training to spinning bike riding to aerobic type workouts. For the guys, groups can often be found in the same locations as women.

If team sports are your thing, join a team based on your interests. From baseball/softball to lacrosse to water polo, the list is extensive. This version of exercise provides structure to your effort, gives you a schedule to follow and camaraderie amongst your fellow teammates.

Need accountability to get moving? An assortment of possibilities exist for those who to be there for someone else and need that extra push themselves from someone else. One option is to hire a personal trainer who will keep you honest and attending your sessions. He/she will keep you moving and can help set daily and weekly goals to achieve. And having to meet with the trainer on a weekly (or even daily) basis will keep you motivated.

Perhaps one of the best motivators is to have a workout buddy. Find a like-minded friend and make the commitment to meet daily or weekly and get the exercise done. Whether you two (or more than two) are walking/running/crawling or attending a workout group class, having each other for support and motivation will keep both of you focused and on track.

The most important component of exercise is to just make it happen. No excuses, no limitations, nothing gets in your way. Find your method of movement and let it become your passion.

Until next time, GoBe Healthy….sarah at gon4run.com

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