No Diets; Just Clean Eating and Nutrition

The Key to Getting and Staying Thin is Cleaning Eating!

We’ve all heard the diets, gimmicks, pills, suctions, tucks, voodoos and other hoorahs to losing weight and staying thin. It is a bazillion dollar industry that shows  no signs of slowing down. From Atkins, Jenny Craig, Nurtisystem, to the grapefruit, to the hydroxycut pills, liposuctions, tummy and butt tucks, it’s all available and ready to make you thin. But all of these methods of losing weight have two questions:

Does it work? and Will I Stay Thin if I Go Back to My “Normal” Way of Eating?

The answers are “probably” and “absolutely not.”

So, that leaves with how do we get thin and stay thin and live that healthy lifestyle?

It is very simple. Clean Eating.

Well, that seems easy, but what is “clean eating?”

The whole concept centers around eating real food such as fresh fruits and vegetables, lean sources of protein and limited diary foods. Add in some nuts, legumes, and a bit of whole grain. The other key component of clean eating is that it eliminates processed foods, “fake” foods, and foods with very little nutrition value.  That is all there is to it.

For those that have been eating the “normal” American diet, making a fast switch from hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, pastas, breads, sugary candy and pastries, and the like to a totally clean eating habit will be very challenging to say the least. And most likely, it will almost impossible to stick with the change in lifestyle.

So, take it slow and start small. One step at a time. But most importantly make the commitment to make the change in lifestyle. Going about it haphazardly will most likely lead to giving up.

There are plenty of online resources that will give you a step by step guide on how to eat clean.  Fitness Magazine has an excellent online article that explains why processed food is not healthy and then the article goes on to explain some of the benefits of cleaning eating. Other than helping us keep our weight in check, clean eating will keep the preservatives, chemicals, unhealthy fats, and genetically modified organisms out of system and thus provide a healthier you. The article gives insightful information on how to shop and cook with a clean eating lifestyle.  The simple concept on shopping is to walk the perimeter of the grocery store. That is where the fruits, veggies, and clean sources of protein hang out.

Two additional sources are Clean Eating Magazine and Clean Eating for Dummies by Jonathon Wright. Both are excellent sources that will describe how to easily make the transition to this healthy way of getting nutrition.

And the list of online or book resources continues to grow. It is as easy as a Google or Bing search and you are on your way to feeling the benefits of clean eating.





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