Inspiration to a Healthy Lifestyle

Need Inspiration  to a Healthy Lifestyle?

For some folks living a healthy lifestyle comes naturally. Maybe they were a child athlete and the internal drive never left. As adults they are easily self motivated and eating healthy and getting that exercise is just part of the day and they know no different.

Then for others, the healthy lifestyle was born out of a life changing event. Perhaps it was an illness that forced the changes. Sometimes it is an internal “made up my mind” moment and the person was able to make the needed changes in diet, exercise, life/work balance and getting adequate sleep.

Sometimes, however, there are people who just cannot get themselves to move in the direction to make those lifestyle changes. The reasons are endless: no family support, time constraints that are difficult to overcome, no knowledge on how to get started, and the best one of all: “I hate eating healthy and exercising! and  Sleep? What’s that?!”  For these individuals, they know the benefits of healthy living but making the needed changes is almost impossible.

For those that are struggling with this concept of healthy living and finding that making the changes is just not happening, read this story and see if you can find inspiration. Sometimes that is what it takes; hearing how another took the plunge and made it happen.

Libby is a middle aged gal (she calls herself ancient but is not!) and lives in Peachtree City, Ga. She is married to a wonderful husband and has a couple of kids, teenage to young adult style. This “normal” family lived the “normal” life. Working, school, friends, hobbies, family outings, etc were all in place but something was amiss. Libby knew she needed to make some changes and even though the rest of the family was not interested, she made up her mind to strike out on her own.  She knew she had to make dietary change, get some exercise, and clean up her work/life/sleep balance.

As she was aging, Libby could see the writing on the wall. She was headed toward a life of obesity, health issues, and perhaps depression.  Clearly, the everyday existence was not working anymore. It took some head banging against the proverbial brick wall and some serious soul  searching but she made the decision: “I am going to get heathy.”

With some research and new found knowledge, Libby decided on a plan to lose weight and  start exercising, make some changes in work/life and sleep. Her plan was centered around joining Weight Watchers. Good old fashioned Weight Watchers who has been around since 1963! From the start she was all in and focused on what WW taught her, followed the program to the letter and eureka! The excess poundage began falling off.

And so it went….the weight came off by following Weight Watchers. But that was not enough. Libby knew other changes had to take place. So she began crawling, then walking, then trotting, and finally….running!  Somewhere along the exercise journey, she found Mom’s Run This Town and new best friends. This 100% free for any gal to join group was founded by Pam Burrus, also living in Peachtree City. The primary purpose of MRTT is to promote exercise (walking, running, etc) amongst women and create chapters across the globe so that we gals can find companionship and support each other all in the name of burning calories, finding common ground in life,  and having fun at the same time!

As the pounds melted away, the running increased and before long Libby found herself signed up for a race or two. When those went well, she (and the new friends) signed up for longer races and the next thing she knew, a marathon was in her future! Yes, 26.2 miles of running (or crawling, walking, trotting). And that first marathon went well also! Libby has not stopped running marathons and has now (as of Nov. 2018) completed 8 marathons since 2012!  An amazing accomplishment for someone who was not the definition of healthy just a few years ago.

Not only has running become an integral part of Libby’s life, she is now a Weight Watchers Counselor and is helping folks achieve their own goals in the weight loss/healthy living movement.

With the confidence, knowledge, and experience, she can now see herself doing anything she sets her mind to do.

Inspiration can come in many forms and Libby’s story is a perfect example of how changing your life in a couple of areas can make a huge difference.  Were there bumps in the road? Of course, but once you make up your mind and set yourself up with the knowledge and the plan, accomplishing any goal is possible. And when you do hit those bumps, Libby says to just pick yourself up by the bootstraps, brush the dust off and get going on the road again.

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After retiring from roller speed skating as a senior in high school, I started running so that the 22 inch thighs didn't take on new dimensions. And over the last almost 30 years, running has been a non stop passion that occupies my everyday. As an airline pilot, running has allowed me to see the world via my feet and I have been lucky enough to have lived in some interesting places, which has also allowed great adventures via my two size 6s. Running races has always been a secondary part the passion; however, the races over the years have included anything from a 5k to a 100k. I have been fortunate enough to win a few age group awards and even won the women's division in a marathon and won the women's division in a 100k. These days, as a masters runner, the running is even more meaningful since it provides an outlet from the everyday pressures of adult life. My body is still capable of handling vast volumes of mileage and my head still wants to get there almost every day.

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