About “gon4run”

Sarah and Traysen

Mission Statement: 

After retiring from roller speed skating as a senior in high school, I started running so that the 22 inch thighs didn’t take on new dimensions. And over the last almost 30 years, running has been a non stop passion that occupies my everyday. As an airline pilot, running has allowed me to see the world via my feet and I have been lucky enough to have lived in some interesting places, which has also allowed great adventures via my two size 6s. Running races has always been a secondary part the passion; however, the races over the years have included anything from a 5k to a 100 miler. I have been fortunate enough to win a few age group awards and even won the women’s division in a marathon and won the women’s division in a 100k.

These days, as a masters runner, the running is even more meaningful since it provides an outlet from the everyday pressures of adult life. My body is still capable of handling vast volumes of mileage and my head is always looking forward to walking out the door for the morning run. In addition to running almost everyday, my life has taken on a less complicated, very minimalist existence and the simplicity of living easily and without too many challenges is very rewarding.

As I move forward with running and a simpler life, it is my mission to help and inspire others to lead a healthy and fulfilling life. Whether it is through running, walking or crawling, I hope to engage others in their own mission to exercise their minds and bodies towards a better self being.  It is also my hope to help others find a peaceful life through nutrition, life balance and rest.

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Sarah M Murphy